A real feelgood garden in Kuching, Malaysia

Master plan for the proposed Wishes Garden
Image from the Borneo Post online

Want to feel inspired? There are some great people in the world doing great things.

In 2014 the Kuching and Samarahan Division Cerebral Palsy Association launched a fundraising campaign to build a first-of-its-kind Wishes Garden – a place where children with cerebral palsy and their families could relax both mind and body.

The garden was being planned to include elements such as mud, lawn and sand play areas for sensory stimulation, slopes, steps and bridges to help in physical therapy, and even a range of walking surfaces for kids learning to walk with a walker or a cane.

The Wishes Garden would be the new addition to Wishesland, a centre set up in 2009 by a group of parents to help people living with cerebral palsy. It sounds like a labour of love for the many parents and volunteers who frequent the centre.

So what’s happened since I first read about Wishes Garden in the Borneo Post 2014? Well in 2016, more than 100 business and engineering students spent four weeks constructing the garden as part of their Social Innovation Internship subject. The garden isn’t completed yet though. According to this article, each semester, a new group of students will work on the project. Inspiring!

You can read more about Wishesland, including contact details if you’d like to make a donation here. You can follow Wishesland on Facebook too.

Are you one of the many parents, volunteers and students who worked on this project? I’d love to hear about your experience of the garden. Please get in touch!

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