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This website is designed to help you to grow your confidence about gardening in tropical climates.

With practical advice, insider secrets and the benefit of a big online community to share knowledge with you, Successful Tropical Gardening will become a trusted supporter as you create your beautiful garden in one of the most extreme and exciting climates on earth.

Who is Lori?

Lori Beecham lives in the city of Darwin in tropical northern Australia with her two cats Archie and Rosie, and two human friends Janie and Mark. They share a big old house and an even larger garden, which keeps them relaxed, grubby, and occupied on weekends.

There's a lot to do. I can't wait!
There’s a lot to do. I can’t wait!

Lori is passionate about demystifying the world of gardening for those like her, who might at one time have thought they were missing the ‘green thumb’ gene, but have learned that gardening can be an ongoing pleasure for anyone who has access to the right information.

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