Red Abyssinian banana plant

Not all banana plants produce edible bananas. The Red Abyssinian (ensete ventricosum) is one example of a ‘false banana’ plant that you won’t be eating the bananas from. This plant is a beauty and that’s usually why it is grown ornamentally. It grows to 20 feet (6m) tall and has enormous leaves. The plant is … Continue reading “Red Abyssinian banana plant”

Breadfruit research at the National Tropical Botanical Gardens

I’ve never eaten breadfruit. I’m not sure I’ve even seen one in real life. Yet here in the tropics, breadfruit is a staple for many people, especially those who live throughout the Pacific and the East Indies. Its said that it can be eaten like potatoes in a European diet. The National Tropical Botanical Gardens … Continue reading “Breadfruit research at the National Tropical Botanical Gardens”

Peace garden at Oahu

On Oahu, the most populous of Hawaii’s islands, is the Oahu Urban Garden Center is owned by the University of Hawai’i College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources Cooperative Extension Service. In March 2014 a new peace and heroes rose garden was opened at OUGC, with all of the roses selected having names related to … Continue reading “Peace garden at Oahu”

Small space gardens – try a kokedama for the tropics

A new fashion in the English-speaking world, but a traditional form of gardening in Japan is kokedama, or strong ball gardening. Sometimes called ‘poor man’s bonsai’, the practice involves wrapping the roots of a plant in special soil, then binding that in moss and string. The binding process creates a slow-growing plant that ends up … Continue reading “Small space gardens – try a kokedama for the tropics”