Fishtank for a floor

Paris fishtank floorBotanist Patrick Blanc’s Paris home is featured in the interior design book Room: Inside Contemporary Interiors. What’s unique about his Paris home is that he’s using the top of a giant fish tank for his floor. He also has a lot of tropical plants growing on the interior walls of his house.

I’m skeptical about this concept, because without plants growing inside my house I already have work to do to clean mould from the walls during the rainy season each year. Maybe it works better in Paris, which is decidedly not tropical.

This photograph by Kozumi Higaki, teases us with a small view of the fish tank. I’m looking forward to buying the book to see the full set of photos. You can see more about Kozumi Higak’s amazing work here.

Thanks to the UK’s Guardian Newspaper for letting us know about Patrick Blanc’s innovative home.

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