Why I started this website

I love gardens. Being around living things make me relaxed and happy. However my career and circumstances haven’t allowed me to have a garden of my own to care for. My attempts at potted plants while living in rental properties weren’t successful. Sometimes those plants lived for a while, but they never thrived.

I couldn’t wait until I was settled in one place, and able to have a proper garden of my own.

But I was also unsure of where to begin. Whenever I picked up a magazine with a gardeningIMG_0525 article in it, or listened to a gardening advice show on the radio, it didn’t sound easy at all. pH, nitrogen, a million different fertilisers and things to add to the soil, botanical names and a seeming endless list of plants and diseases. These things totally overwhelmed me.

I hope that my sharing my journey to rejuvinate this large suburban garden in the tropics, you’ll learn with me that gardening is simple, rewarding, and something that anyone can become great at.

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