How the right layout can give your tropical garden harmony

Do you believe that it isn’t possible to have the same sense of proportion, colour and depth in a tropical garden than what you can find in cooler climates? Well think again. This is a photo of The Kampong, the historical home of botanist Douglas Fairchild. This scene is just one of many beautiful views … Continue reading “How the right layout can give your tropical garden harmony”

Fishtank for a floor

Botanist Patrick Blanc’s Paris home is featured in the interior design book Room: Inside Contemporary Interiors. What’s unique about his Paris home is that he’s using the top of a giant fish tank for his floor. He also has a lot of tropical plants growing on the interior walls of his house. I’m skeptical about … Continue reading “Fishtank for a floor”

All about begonias

The American Begonia Society maintains a terrific website packed with information about begonias. Begonias are flowering perennial plants. The begonia genus is huge, with more than 1,700 plant species. Begonias originated in the understory of tropical and subtropical forests, although they have been cultivated as house ad garden plants for decades. If your grandmother had a … Continue reading “All about begonias”