The #1 secret to planting seeds to grow vegetables

Some people only ever buy and plant seedlings for vegetables, but if only they knew how easy it is to grow plants from seeds!lettuce-winter-triumph

As well as being loads cheaper to buy seeds, planting from seeds is more fulfilling. It’s exciting and rewarding to see the first shoots appear from the dirt. And if you learn to grow from seeds, you have the huge advantage of being able to collect seeds from mature vegetables and plant those seeds next time around. I’ll cover seed collecting in another post, but for now here are some quick tips on how to plant seeds that will grow.

The needs of seeds – it’s all about the soil

The most important step in planting seeds is getting the soil ready. You wouldn’t give a baby just starting to eat solid foods a steak (would you?), and you can’t just throw your seeds into any old soil and expect them to grow. Seeds are obviously very small, and they need to be able to take in fine elements of moisture before they can germinate. Thick clumpy soil doesn’t allow that transfer of moisture, but fine, crumbly soil does. So to prepare your soil, till and turn it until it has a lovely crumbly texture. Think of the texture of ground coffee.

I’ll cover more about seeds and their needs in future posts, but for now, why not start getting the soil ready. Put on some gloves and go for it!

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